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  • Safety is always most important – when a senior is taking falls for a beginner, he should lead the beginner through the movements in order to show the proper way to execute the techniques; therefore, promoting safety.

  •  A strong, proper attack – will be effective.  It is important that attacks be done correctly and under control.  If your intention is to “grab:  then it should be done vigorously without hesitation.  Attempting to attack without commitment will result in poor execution and results for both the “uke,” (defender) and attacker. 

  • My partner is never at fault – he is not my opponent he is my practice partner; we will work together to improve.  There is no room for egos in the dojo – As your “sensei,” (instructor) if a technique is not effective, I consider myself at fault and will work on alternate methods to properly execute.

  • Dedicate time to enhance your ability – this requires a focus on improvement to achieve success in the art.  Time spent critiquing others or searching the web to “boost your ego” is useless.  The only way to truly improve is to spend time on the mat or in the “dojo.”

  • “Uke” is my training partner not my competitor or opponent – we will work together so that everyone in the “ryu,” (school) will improve.  When one works hard, we all benefit from the endeavor.

  • Train each day with a beginner's mind – it is the best way to improve.