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Our Mission at Daitoryu-Muden US is to teach more than just self-defense classes.  The goal of Budo (Japanese Martial Arts Classes) should be more than just obtaining a black belt; Martial Arts is a way of life and at Daitoryu-Muden US you will be introduced to true Budo. 

A Shihan (expert martial arts instructor) once said to me “there are more martial arts masters in northern New Jersey, than in all of Japan.  How can this be?” It is important to understand that the Japanese have been practicing Budo for over 2000 years and true Budo can only be obtained through years of dedication to the art.

Many Dojo’s (martial arts schools) fail to teach the values or philosophy which are at the core of martial arts.  A true Japanese Dojo will incorporate the teachings and history of the art while promoting good health as we build strong martial artists able to defend themselves against today’s violent streets.

​​​​​Daitoryu-Muden US 

​A true Japanese Dojo

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  • 2020- Received Rank of Okugi Sandan from​ Shihan Hiroo Iida

  • 2018 - Received Rank of Sandan (3rd Degree Black-Belt in Daito-Ryu               Muden Juku) from​ Shihan Hiroo Iida

  • 2016 - ​Received Rank of Ni-Dan (2nd Degree Black-Belt in Daito-Ryu          Muden Juku) from​ Shihan Hiroo Iida​​​

  • 2014 – began studying under Shihan Iida, founder of the new Ryu-Ha, the Muden Juku 

  • 2006 – studied Daito-Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu Roppo Kai under Howard Popkin and Brogna with Shihan Okamoto Seigo​
  • 2001 – studied Daito-Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu Kodokai under Roy Goldberg. - with Hayawo Kiyama Shihan 
  • 1988 – studied Daito-Ryu under Sensei Jose Garrido
  • 1985 – studied Jujutsu at the Nihon Goshin Aikido School headed by Richard Bowe - combined Karate and Aikido.
  • 1980 - studied “Fu-Jow Pai Kung Fu” under Sifu Paul Vizzio, P.K.A. World Champion 
  • 1973 - Sensei Ray Gacita started his martial arts training under Bob Long’s School of self-defense.




Daitoryu-Muden US