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Aiki Institute

Welcome to Daitoryu-Muden US 

Your Path to Daitoryu Aiki Jujutsu & Authentic Japanese Martial Arts

Daitoryu-Muden US proudly stands as the sole licensed Dojo (Martial Arts school) in the USA, officially authorized by Shihan Hiroo Iida of Hokkaido, Japan, to transmit this ancient art. With our headquarters nestled in Butler, New Jersey, and a dedicated Study Group in Cary, North Carolina, we bring the essence of Japanese tradition to America.

Unlock the Power of Daitoryu Aiki Jujutsu
When you search for Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu schools, it's crucial to embrace the authentic Japanese traditions, ensuring their integration into the teachings. At Daitoryu-Muden US, we are committed to preserving and imparting these traditions with the utmost authenticity.

Our Mission: Cultivating Aiki, Forging Martial Artists
Our mission is clear: to mold resilient martial artists through the mastery of a profound force known as "Aiki." This force transcends mere physical strength; for we understand that relying solely on power can be vulnerability. Through the foundational principles of Daitoryu, we guide you on a journey to cultivate and share the essence of Aiki.

Martial Arts for All
Daitoryu Aiki Jujutsu isn't bound by gender, size, or strength. It's an art that welcomes everyone, offering the means to achieve more than just martial prowess. Engaging with this discipline promotes robust health, vitality, and the invaluable ability to protect oneself within our modern society.

Discover the Way of Aiki Join Daitoryu-Muden US
Step onto the path of authentic Japanese martial arts, where tradition, vitality, and self-defense converge. At Daitoryu-Muden US, we are your guides on a journey that transcends physical strength, leading to the mastery of Aiki and a healthier, safer you in today's world.

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