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Daitoryu-Muden US is the only licensed Dojo, (Martial Arts school) authorized by Shihan Hiroo Iida of Hokkaido Japan to teach the art in the US.  When searching for daito ryu aikijujutsu schools  it is important to understand the Japanese traditions and ensure that these are incorporated in  the teachings. Our purpose in training is to build strong martial artists through the development of a specific force known as “Aiki.”  This force does not rely on strength, as relying solely on strength can become a weakness. Through the basic teachings of Daitoryu we will assist you in the development and understanding of Aiki. 

This art can be done by anyone, man or woman, regardless of size or strength. An additional benefit to the art is the cultivation of good health, vitality and the ability to defend yourself within our society. 

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September 2018 AWARDED by SHIHAN HIROO IIDA Ray Gacita      SANDAN - 3rd Degree Black Belt

Ray Gacita Jr.  SHODAN - 1st Degree Black Belt

 RANKING: September "2018"

CONGRATULATIONS to Daitoryu-Muden US students! 

RANKING: September  "2019"


to Daitoryu-Muden US students! 

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Sensei Ray Gacita