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is a traditional Martial Art taught at three levels.  

  • JuJutsu:  The enemy is often attacked with an “atemi,” (strikes to the body) followed by attacks to the joints.  To make these work you need much strength, the stronger and bigger opponent will usually dominate or win.

  • Aiki Jujutsu:  The techniques at this level are a combination of “atemi,” (blows to the body) and “nage,” (throws) with the incorporation of “kuzushi,” (unbalancing your opponent). The opponents are seperated/thrown away from the practioner and to effectively execute these techniques you still need strength; therefore, the stronger and bigger opponent often dominates.  

  • Aiki No Jutsu: These techniques encompass the essence of the art and are the most difficult to master. Once you study “Aiki” you will no longer require strength to defeat your opponent and size no longer factors in the outcome. The study of “Muden Aiki” is unique as it focuses on mastering the concept of "Futsuku Mono," which involves controlling the opponent by making them adhere or stick to the defender. Through timing, relaxation and proper posture you will make your opponent lose their ability to fight; therefore, controlling the attack.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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